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Surgery co-Management in Chicago, IL

We Collaborate on Surgery Co-Management for Your Vision

If you are looking for effective surgery co-management in Chicago, Big City Optical will take care of you. We’re committed to helping co-manage your eye care with other local, trusted surgeons, and ensuring that your needs are met every step of the way. We will collaborate closely with their team and communicate our treatment plan as it unfolds, so you are always up to date on your progress.

What is surgery co-management?

What is Surgery C0-Management

Surgery co-management involves a close partnership between our team and the surgeon handling their procedure. Our eye care professionals and trusted local eye surgeons ensure clients benefit from a unified, comprehensive approach to their surgical eye health needs. By collaborating, we combine our expertise with the specialized skills of local surgeons, so every aspect of your surgical eye care is supported by top-tier knowledge of your own unique eyes. This integrated care model provides clients with seamless, high-quality treatment from initial consultation through post-operative care.

Surgeries We Co-Manage

Our experienced doctors offer unparalleled support across a range of eye surgeries, ensuring you benefit from our expert attention and support throughout your surgical journey. From laser vision correction to cataracts, we will ensure your comfort, satisfaction, and open communication with your eye surgeon.

LASIK Co-Management

LASIK surgery is a popular refractive procedure that corrects vision by reshaping the cornea using laser technology, offering a permanent solution to nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Our effective co-management plays a crucial role in ensuring clients receive a comprehensive care experience. This partnership combines our expertise in pre- and post-operative care with the advanced surgical skills of local surgeons, for a smooth, successful LASIK procedure.

Cataract Surgery Co-Management

Cataracts are a common eye condition where the lens becomes cloudy, impairing vision, and will develop as we age. While we can manage cataracts with eyewear and other treatments, eventually, surgery is necessary to restore vision. Surgical co-management significantly eases this process for patients by providing a coordinated approach that combines the personal knowledge and expertise of our eye care professionals, both before and after the procedure, with the surgical skills of specialized surgeons for optimal results.

Medical Eye Surgery Co-Management

We’re committed to offering comprehensive care that goes above and beyond for our patients. Our expertise extends to co-managing surgeries for complex conditions like age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and keratoconus, ensuring that no matter what you need, you’ll receive seamless, expert care.

Why Choose Us?

We understand every aspect of your vision and know your eye health history, making us the ideal choice to collaborate with a skilled eye surgeon and monitor your recovery after surgery. Our numerous convenient locations ensure you’re always close to experts who are deeply familiar with your individual eye health. Let us be your trusted partner in seeing the world more clearly – visit us today to experience the Big City Optical difference how, where, and when you want it.