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Pediatric Eye Exams in Chicago, IL

Pediatric Eye Care at Big City Optical

Children’s eyes are constantly changing as they grow, which makes their vision particularly vulnerable to certain diseases and conditions. Our team of expert doctors and opticians are great with kids and will use our advanced tech to ensure their eyes remain healthy as they develop. We’re also proud to offer a large selection of child-friendly eyewear that can be customized to your child’s unique needs.
Little girl undergoing pediatric eye exam at Big City Optical

What Are Pediatric Eye Exams?

A pediatric eye exam is similar to a typical comprehensive eye exam, but it’s designed to accommodate smaller, growing eyes. We use age-specific technology to examine your child’s eyes and will explain every part of the process using terminology they can understand. These exams focus on the kinds of conditions more common in children, especially myopia. If we do notice anything of concern, we will customize a treatment plan that is built to address your child’s specific needs.

Children’s Vision Services

Kids can develop a host of eye-related issues, but the most common conditions are myopia (nearsightedness) and eye misalignment conditions like amblyopia and strabismus. Once we know exactly what condition your child has, our team will help them manage their condition with one of our effective treatment solutions.

Myopia Management

Myopia, or nearsightedness, makes objects appear blurry at a distance. The condition continues to progress over time and puts the eyes at greater risk for disease, and while prescription glasses can correct vision, they cannot address the underlying issue. Thankfully, Big City Optical’s tailored treatment plans, like our specially formulated eye drops and Ortho-K lenses, can slow or stop myopia’s progression in its tracks.

Children’s Eyewear

Having fashionable frames is every bit as important to a child, if not more so, than the average adult. We’re proud to feature a large selection of kids’ glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Our opticians love working with children and will learn all about their eyes and lifestyle to help them find the perfect pair. And because accidents are always bound to happen, we’re happy to fix any broken lenses should the need arise.

Why Choose Us?

Our approach to pediatric eye care is rooted in knowledge, convenience, and personalization. Our cutting-edge technology is specially designed for children, and our pediatric eye doctors will take their time to make sure your child’s exam is an enjoyable experience. We also have a huge selection of kids’ frames that our opticians will help them explore. Schedule your child’s annual eye exam to ensure that their eye health is on track for a clear, comfortable childhood.