Our Advanced Eye Technology

Advanced eye exam at Big City Optical

At Big City Optical, we have the cutting-edge eye technology needed to deliver the very best patient experience. That’s part of what makes us leaders in the industry.

Our commitment to using high-end technology colors every aspect of our service, from our convenient digital eye exams to the extremely accurate treatments we offer all to maintain your health today and in the future.

Woman getting an eye examination at BCO

High Tech, High Accuracy, High Precision Diagnostics

We specialize in the early detection of eye diseases, some of which can cause irreversible damage if not diagnosed on time. Serious diseases like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can cause permanent damage by the time the first symptoms emerge, making it crucial to catch and treat them early.

Thanks to our advanced technology, we’re able to provide a diagnosis before irreversible damage is done. This approach allows our team to customize treatment plans effectively, addressing any abnormal findings at the earliest stage for optimal outcomes.

Our Tools Help Us Treat More Issues

Your eyes and sight deserve only the finest care. Our comprehensive solutions allow us to treat you with the thoroughness you deserve, as our experts leverage their skills paired with our advanced technology for superior results and overall improved health. Thanks to our state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools, we’re able to effectively manage a broad range of eye diseases and concerns so that you get the accurate care and improved results you need to thrive, without the hassle.
Old patient getting an eye exam at BCO
Eyeglass lens at BCO

Industry-Leading Lens Technology

Our team is proud to use technology that’s at the forefront of the industry. We bring you a wide array of advanced lens options for tailored care that suits your lifestyle and vision needs, including highly effective blue light-blocking and polarized lenses. If you prefer contacts, we have specialty lenses that cover diverse eyes, including scleral, Ortho-K/CRT lenses, limbal fit, hybrid contacts, and RGP lenses. Our vast selection means we’re a local leader in tailored sight solutions: something that’s possible because of our long history of serving Chicagoans!

Why Choose Us?

At Big City Optical, we embody a unique approach to eye care in everything we do. Our staff integrates their inherent compassion with the power of our advanced technology to treat each patient with the time and care necessary for success. From precise diagnostics to innovative treatment methods, we have every aspect of your eye health covered. Whether you need specialty lenses for yourself or the whole family, we’re here to cater to your needs, no matter what. Stop by any of our 18 neighborhood shops conveniently located throughout Chicago to experience our seamless blend of cutting-edge care and personalized attention to your eye health.