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Whether you are looking for fashionable, hand-selected frames or comfortable specialty contact lenses, our expert optical staff is here to deliver the best optical experience found anywhere in Chicago! After all, we’re where fashion and eye care meet.

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Eyeglasses & Frames

Big City Optical’s incredible selection of frames includes more than 700 designer and independent choices, meaning our clients have every style, shape, and color, available to them. Our eye doctors and opticians have personally selected each frame to ensure that the designs and builds are unique and up with today’s trends, and to guarantee that the quality of each frame’s materials meet our high standards. And when it comes to the selection process, we believe that there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun along the way.

Our eyeglasses can be outfitted with advanced specialty lens technologies to meet extremely specific client requirements — contact us to learn more!

Contact Lenses

We use cutting-edge eye technology to ensure that your contact lenses are fit for soothing comfort and crisp vision. We offer the best range of brands and products to fit your personality and routine — whether you want specialty lenses, monthlies, dailies, or another kind of lens, we have it all.

Unique eye needs can be met with our wide range of specialty lens options for those who cannot wear traditional contacts. These include Ortho-K to help manage myopia, scleral lenses for irregular cornea problems, and much more.

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man using blue light glasses at Big City Optical

Blue Light Glasses

As the average screen use goes up, so does eye strain, which over time can be a factor behind dry eye or irritable burning symptoms. This evolving lifestyle is why it’s more important than ever to take preventative measures to protect your vision in the long term. Blue light glasses block or absorb blue light, greatly reducing the strain caused by screens, and some lenses will also block the sun’s UV rays.


Explore the different styles we offer from the most desirable designer and indie brands! We offer hundreds of highly customizable frame options, and thanks to the support of our knowledgeable staff, even our most picky clients will find sunglasses shopping a breeze! We’re proud to also offer customizable lenses to ensure your shades are able to keep up with all your adventures.
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