Emergency Eye Care in Chicago, IL

Are You Having an Eye Emergency?

At Big City Optical, we specialize in eye care, and are well-equipped to handle your eye emergencies. We provide immediate support and attention during our business hours, ensuring you receive experienced, targeted care during the most crucial moments.

doctor treating woman eye injuries at Big City Optical

What Are Eye Emergencies?

Eye emergencies are urgent and critical conditions that require immediate medical attention to prevent vision loss or alleviate significant discomfort and risk to the eye. These emergencies can range from sudden injuries and infections to acute eye discomfort — serious issues that require prompt and specialized care.

Trust Big City Optical for Eye Emergencies

We are the right choice for eye emergency treatment in Chicago, because Big City Optical has the advanced tech and knowledgeable staff needed to treat urgent eye problems that you may experience. Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment and on-site expertise, we can provide immediate relief and uncover the root cause of your emergency. And with 17 convenient locations around Chicago, we are within close reach regardless of where you are in the city.

doctor treating man eye injuries at Big City Optical