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Diabetic Eye Exams in Chicago, IL

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Diabetic Eye Care at Big City Optical

Big City Optical is proud to offer thorough diabetic eye exams for our Chicago communities. During these exams, we conduct a full, detailed screening of your eyes to check for common diabetic eye diseases and protect your vision before symptoms emerge.

Diabetic Eye Exam - Big City Optical

What Is a Diabetic Eye Exam?

Diabetic eye exams are similar to our regular comprehensive eye screens but are tailored for clients with diabetes. They are equally as thorough and are accompanied by additional tests that are designed to focus on common diabetes-related issues and complications. Thanks to our advanced technology, we can see the smallest and most subtle signs of these conditions, allowing us to protect your vision before long-term damage can occur.

Why Are Diabetic Eye Exams

While diabetes affects the entire body, it has an outsized impact on your eye health. One of the most common conditions caused by diabetes is diabetic retinopathy, where the tiny blood vessels in the retina located at the back of the eye become damaged, resulting in permanent vision loss. By the time you notice the symptoms of this condition, the damage is usually irreversible. This makes it important for those with diabetes to attend annual comprehensive diabetic exams so that we can detect issues early and develop a personalized treatment plan that will help keep your vision and eye health intact.
Big City Optical - Diabetic Eye Exam
Advanced Technology for Diagnosis and Care

Advanced Technology for
Diagnosis and Care for Our
Clients with Diabetes

We have the cutting-edge technology required to spot even the most subtle and hidden symptoms of diabetic eye conditions. Our highly trained staff knows how to use these tools effectively and will develop a customized treatment plan to protect your eyes and vision if they find anything.

Keep Your Diabetes in Check – Schedule Your Diabetic Eye Exam Today!

Our diabetic eye exams are designed to identify subtle signs of damage caused by diabetes, so we can respond quickly to any emerging threat. If you have diabetes, it is extra important to schedule regular appointments so that we can intervene early and stay proactive about your care.

Why Choose Us?

At Big City Optical, we strive to give you the high-tech, high-accuracy, high-precision experience you deserve. Using our suite of advanced technology, our experts will thoroughly examine your eyes and the delicate structures within them while answering all your questions and keeping you informed about your health. If we do detect anything during your exam, we’ll create a customized plan to prevent any vision loss and safeguard your eye health and vision for years to come.

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