Choose Sunglasses for UV Protection

Nov 28, 2023

Sunglasses do more than make you look cool. They also shield your eyes from the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV radiation can harm your eyes and lead to problems like cataracts, macular degeneration, and cancer. It is best to pick the right sunglasses for ultimate UV protection. But how can you tell which sunglasses are best for your eyes? Here are some handy tips to help you find your perfect pair.

Look For The UV Protection Label

The UV protection label is the first thing you should check when shopping for sunglasses. This label tells you how much UV radiation the sunglasses block. Look for those that block 99% or 100% of UVA and UVB rays, sometimes labeled as “UV 400” or “UV protection up to 400 nm.”

Avoid sunglasses that do not have a UV protection label or that only block a fraction of UV rays. These sunglasses may harm your eyes more than help them as they can dilate your pupils more, allowing more UV rays to enter your eyes.

Choose The Right Lens Color And Tint

The lenses’ color and tint can influence your vision and comfort. Different colors have various benefits and drawbacks. Here are some examples:

  • Gray lenses reduce brightness and glare without distorting colors. They are suitable for driving and general use.
  • Brown lenses enhance contrast and depth perception. They are perfect for outdoor and sporting activities.
  • Green lenses filter out some blue light and reduce glare. They enhance your vision for golf, tennis, and other sports requiring sharp eyesight.
  • Yellow lenses improve contrast and visibility in low-light conditions. They enhance your visibility in skiing, snowboarding, and misty conditions.
  • Blue lenses reduce glare and enhance color perception. They are suitable for water sports and sunny days.

Choose the lens color and tint that suits your needs and preferences. Avoid very dark or very light lenses. Too-dark lenses can impair your vision in low light, while too-light lenses can expose your eyes to excess UV rays.

Pick The Right Frame Style And Size

The sunglasses’ frame style and size can also influence how much they shield your eyes from UV rays. Pick a frame style and size that covers your entire eye area and fits snugly on your face. Look for frames with wide temples or wraparound styles. These can block UV rays from entering your eyes from the sides.

Try Them On Before You Buy

The only way to know if a pair of sunglasses suits you is to test them out before you buy them. Check how they fit, look, and feel on your face. You should also test how well they block UV rays by looking at a bright light source through them. If you see a lot of glare or reflection, the sunglasses may not have enough UV protection.

Compare different pairs of sunglasses to see which ones suit you best. You can get feedback from your pals or relatives or check yourself in a mirror or a selfie cam.


Choosing the right sunglasses for maximum UV protection is easy if you follow these tips. You need to look for the UV protection label, choose the right lens color and tint, pick the right frame style and size, and try them on before you buy them. Doing so can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, allowing you to enjoy the sun in style.

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