3 Ways to Use It Before You Lose It

Nov 27, 2023

With 2022 coming to a close, millions look to use their flex spending before they lose it. Eyecare and optometry facilitate lots of ways to use flex spending. Here are three:

Eye Exam

Are you due for your annual eye exam? Book it before your flex spending expires.

Eye exams assess vision. Exams detect eye disorders like eye strain, dry eye, and color blindness. Eye exams can also detect eye diseases like glaucoma. Though not considered an eye disease, diabetes is often detected with an eye exam.


Glasses and contact lenses boost vision. Both options can fit eyecare needs.

A lens prescription caters to the unique needs of an individual. Bluelight lenses are popular even for those with 20/20 vision. That’s because these lenses ease eye strain on computers, phones, and other digital devices. The percentage of a prescription lens can vary in increments of quarter diopters (from -0.25 to 5.00+) to accommodate vision needs.

Lens prescriptions can be applied to a sunglass frame, a reader frame, or regular glasses. Prescription sunglasses are a very popular purchase.

Contact lenses are also a popular purchase with flex spend. Opt for overnight, daily disposable, or toric. Contacts can also ease bluelight. Plus, they can be customized to meet a preferred eye color.


Dry eyes are particularly prevalent in the winter. So it’s a perfect way to use your flex spend just before January. Dry eye stems from your internal environment, like an HVAC system, and external environment, like a cold wind. Dry eyes may also be a symptom of allergies.

Booking an eye exam, investing in proper eyewear, or purchasing eye drops allows you to easily use your flex spend before time is up.